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Christian High School – 9th-12th grades

Why should your high school student join a private Christian school?  Christian schools teach history and science differently.  The truth of our nations (and other nations) is not always pretty.  History is how we learn about the past and how to not repeat the same mistakes as before.  Students have Bible messages through many of their classes.  Godly teachers have a priceless impact on students.  When students are prepared for a high school level then they are advanced to that level of academics. The high school years are dedicated to focusing on college preparation.  The students that are prepared will be able to enter into dual credit classes.  A continued conversation regarding goals for each student continues.   

  • Dual credit for several classes can begin the semester after students turn 14 years of age.

  • Vocabulary gains pace with SAT prep.

  • Reading comprehension

  • Writing essays for college admissions and scholarships are worked on 

  • Algebra I

  • Geometry

  • Algebra II

  • Pre-calculus

  • Calculus

  • Consumer math

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • Physics

  • Literature

  • LENS Learning English, Next Step

  • American History

  • World History

  • Geography

  • Spanish I, II, III, and IV

  • Advanced Latin roots

  • SAT math Prep may begin as early as Alg. 1

  • SAT English prep

  • Bible

  • Computer programing

  • Photography

  • Graphic design

  • Entrepreneurship  

  • Programming 

  • Digital editing 


See Admissions in menu bar, then Enrollment forms

Young Christian high school student with a big smile while wearing her graduation cap.

“With rigorous classes and our SAT prep students 
can earn large scholarships for college."

International Students at a Christian School

Beginning in 2010, the first online student entered Christian Cottage Prep. If you are looking for a safe way for your child to explore the world then online Christian schools are a great option to obtain the American culture and improve on language skills.  International students may select from any of the classes.  There is also a special program if they are needing improvement with English development, LENS, Learning English Next Step.  LENS is a English learning structure to aid in furthering their English skills and gain confidence more quickly.  Your child should find joy in challenges of adapting to another culture and communication.  It is expected that it will feel difficult at first, but with positive attitudes great results will prevail! Adjustments are made for classes that may be different from your traditional school.  Some students are enrolled in their home-land school as well as Christian Cottage Prep to obtain the highest quality of education.  Welcome to Texas!

Christian high school student smiling into the camera while writing with a pen next to his laptop.
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