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The Partnership Investment & School Year Enrollment

Christian Cottage Prep families come from many financial, educational, social, and professional backgrounds. They all share the yearning desire for their children to have a quality education in a Christian environment to the best possible ability. The Lord desires the very best for our children.

The other key element all families share is the spirit of involvement with their child and school! 


Christian Cottage Prep Religion Belief 


We are not a covenant school. Parents along with their church are the first educators in religion. Again, we partner with parents to continue preparing them with religious training from a nondenominational view. We have a Christian curriculum in all subjects including Bible, Science, History, and chapel times.   What do we believe:


-The Bible is true to its word.
-Jesus Christ was born a by virgin who was sinless throughout his life. 
-Jesus Christ is our savior from sin.
-Jesus died on the cross, rose from the dead on the third day, and ascended into heaven. He will come again.
-The Holy Trinity - God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit-three in one.
-The Grace of God saves us because none of us are worthy.

Happy mother and son smiling into camera.

Enrollment Forms

 In Person or Online - Your Choice, All the Time!

-Engaging teachers                            -Full and Part time models         -Less Homework

-Balancing school/home                    -Personalized education             -Small Classes

-Family values protected                    -Keep your children safe            -High View of God

-Budget Friendly                                - Time Efficient                          -Biblical Approach

Summer 2024 Sessions

Session 1 - June 3- June 27      2 times a week      8 hours instruction   $130.00
Session 2 -  July 1 - July 25       2 times a week     8 hours instruction   $130.00
Session 3 - June 3 - July 25       2 times a week     16 hours instruction $240.00

Credit Recovery Semester                           (Based on 2 or more students in the class.)
$350.00 per semester 4 days a week.  Math  single hours each day with homework
$200.00 per semester 2 days a week.  History, Science 
$350.00 per semester 4 days a week.  Math homework single hours each day.
$700.00 per semester 4 days a week.  English 3 hours each day                                                            (1 hour literature, 1 hour vocabulary, and 1 hour grammar)

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