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Why we believe in the value of Christian education

Making a change in your children’s education is never an easy task.  It is very common for parents to feel anxious during regular times.  Let’s face it, recent events have been anything but “regular”. The choices that you make should direct your children to be lifelong learners and who find joy in education. We know what you are thinking, there has not been a great amount of joy in the “not so past” events, but their future goes on.  God did not accidentally place us or our children on His earth by sheer accident.  It is His plan and sometimes we need to adjust.  

If you need a change, if you need the security,  if you need more quality time with your family, if you need Christian Values and God’s word daily….then….Bring them home to learn.  School programs should reinforce the parents' ideal character training and guide them to a happy future.  Your child will be surrounded by family members who love them and you will have an online support partner to guide your child every step of the way! The partnership of parents, Christian education, and God will strengthen your child. 

Young student of Christian education reading from her notebook and smiling.

Christian Cottage Prep Religion Belief

Parents are the first educator in religion.  We, again, partner with parents to continue to prepare them with religious training from a nondenominational view.  We have a Christian curriculum in Bible, Science, and History. 


What do we believe:

  • The Bible is true to its word.

  • Jesus Christ was born from a virgin; he was sinless throughout his whole life. 

  • Jesus Christ is our savior from sin.

  • Jesus died on the cross, rose from the dead on the third day, and ascended into heaven, He will come again.

  • The Holy Trinity - God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit-three in one.

  • We are saved by the Grace of God because none of us are worthy.

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for good and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Top reasons families select private  Christian education classes

  1. To ensure that children are in the WORD every day.

  2. To ensure that children are having Christian values taught in all classes.

  3. Safety.

  4. Greater family ideal instilled.

  5. To ensure that your child will be well prepared for college academics.

  6. If your child selects a trade school, they will be well prepared for entrepreneurship.  Families can take advantage of the Entrepreneur Student Fairs, Entrepreneur semester or in summer classes.  

  7. Study choices with online or in person.  Families that travel.  It is simply the convenience and comfort of being at home or away from home, but still accomplish all the work that is needed.. Online is also an asset for families on the go; they can take their laptops or phones to work in class!

  8. Many children are more comfortable working from their home that has a loving parent or other family member in the home with them.  With parents going back into the work setting many need to have a safe place for their children withile they are at work.  

  9. Working at home helps students and family members with compromised immune systems due to health concerns and treatments. We want to keep your family safe.

  10. Bully Free Zone…CCP promotes heroism for those helping others in a number of ways.  Most students want to do the right things, but they are learning and need guidance because they are young.  Having compassion for others is a subject that is talked about openly and honestly. Because the best bully free zones can have an isolated situation, the teachers step in to talk with the student about hurtful words, attitude, or actions. All parties involved are contacted to resolve the problem. CCP also teaches forgiveness.  Everyone makes mistakes.  We coach on how to ask for forgiveness from God, themselves, their parents, and their peers.  All students are also prepared on how to accept apologies from others with their whole heart.  Christian Education goes from the Bible and extends on how young ladies and gentlemen should conduct themselves.  Remember, they are young and need guidance from many.  We look forward to partnering with you in Christian Education in the coming year.

  11. Parent/teacher meetings from the comfort of your couch or from your office!  Parents do not have to use their work time with traversing to school meetings.  With online meetings there is no “wait time”; you receive a text when it is your turn!  Report cards are sent via email as well as standardized testing.

  12. All families, who desire, can take an active role with volunteering.  There are many different ways to help:  arrange field trips live, produce a virtual field trip, plan game nights for online, plan teen nights, pizza get-together, swim parties, prayer groups, Bible study, a cooking lesson, and more!

Speaking of travel that is made easier with online school...

Students are also able to travel with parents and be in class wherever there is access to the internet.  It is highly believed that children who travel during their educational years are greater impacted with personal development.  The travel is often extended to what students later study in college or pick as a career path.  It is great to experience culture other than their own and have the willingness to try new things (take a risk).  The well traveled child has higher self-esteem, confidence, adaptability, friend making skills and sensitivity to others around them. The good news is that travel does not need to be around the world.  There are incredible cultural experiences in the United States as well as your hometown or a nearby city. Parents may schedule school classes for two or four days a week in order to take advantage of local trips or three day weekends.  It is so great to create family memories while learning!

Young pupil with glasses looking at gooish liquid in bottle as part of his Christian science education program

The Christian Home School

Families are now realizing more than ever that the public school system is not adequate for every student. You want the very best education for your children in order to be in the top level of the academic arena.  As a parent, you also want to create a relaxed atmosphere to learn. Their own home is going to set them at ease and make learning easier. Many parents are working in their house and want to keep connected to their child as well as their education. Parents are also able to put full control into what their children are learning and viewing without outside impact. The family home is a place now to learn and grow up in, not just to drift in and out of.  Are you ready to call your children home?

“Working together brings great joy to both the child and the parent!”

Proverbs 23:15 "My child, if your heart is wise then my heart too will be happy.

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