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Welcome to Parent Partnership

At Christian Cottage Prep we want to get to know your family better so we can help your child to obtain their fullest potential.  Your family is part of the academic plan.  Each family is unique in circumstances that determine how homework is handled.  At the start of our journey together we have available family sessions to know if and where there may be struggles in this part of the journey.  Of course, parent/student sessions are available throughout our partnership.  Homework is with purpose and not just busywork. The classes meet twice a week and you, the parent, do have the ultimate control of how much or how little homework is given in addition to that.  We are here to help and aid you in what your greatest desires are for your children's education.

We are excited about your partnership with our school family in Christian education! Let the adventure begin!

Mother and son sitting side by side, smiling into the camera.

“We love to see our parents smile with their child’s great success!  The hard work now will 

payoff for a lifetime!”

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