A Solid Foundation

A personalized learning program with unlimited potential!

Does your child learn best en mass or with individual care? It is a no-brainer, right?  We think your learner will love the low student-teacher ratio at Christian Cottage Prep!

From the inception in 2001, Christian Cottage Prep has prided tself with Christ centered classrooms with no greater than six students, personalized curriculum, learning levels without a ceiling, and multi-leveled small classrooms to advance learning potential to the greatest level.

Learning Where No School Has Gone Before!

Let your child reach for the stars and beyond with who they want to become.

Often students arrive at Christian Cottage Prep from traditional academic settings with the belief that they are not smart enough or do not have the potential that it takes to be a great student. The Lord has created our children marvelously with all the skills that they need.  Each child is unique and has been given gifts that will serve them best.  Within a short time the family, and more importantly, the student knows that all their dreams can be attained.  So, Dream Big and Go Where You Never Thought You Could Go Before!

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