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Christian Kindergarten - A Firm Foundation

Kindergarten is an excellent preparation time for your child. It is essential to have balance in their lives. While the structure is vital for their kindergarten Christian education, having quality time for children to be creative, explore, and do activities at school and with parents at home is just as important. We want to partner with you in laying a firm foundation for the future academic success of your child. The time spent with your children is a precious gift! The joy of learning together will create a lifelong memory. We also know that sometimes it is a challenging task. Let us do the hard things; it gives you more time to enjoy the things you enjoy doing with your children.

Kindergarten does not commence for all children at the same age. Age is only a number on the calendar. Maturity levels, academic readiness, and the child's eagerness all play a part in when the right time is for your child. Some kindergarten students are 4, and others are 5 or 6. We place students where they fit best. Some students are at one level for reading/phonics and another for math. Maintaining self-esteem is an essential goal for kindergarten, which aids success throughout school. Again, we recognize that all children advance at different speeds. We can customize what is best for your child and your family.

A Solid Kindergarten Program

Some parents wonder what a good kindergarten program is. Kindergarten is essential to developing learning through problem-solving, building emotional confidence, and gaining study skills that will benefit them through their education and cooperation. It leads to organizational development, which is essential for all students. The first year of school is also a perfect time to attach themselves to the love of learning by sparking their curiosity and exploring the world around them. Kindergarten is also the best time to gain the love of reading that will bring them joy over a lifetime! 

Please also note that NOTHING kills the joy of learning quicker than if your child is bored in school. If your child is kindergarten age but needs a higher level, accomplish it with our tailored class schedule to keep your student engaged and excited about learning. 


 Dedicated attention focuses on essential skills for Kindergarten Christian Education success, including: 

  • Phonics to strengthen decoding of words

  • Listening and vocabulary skill building along with story development/comprehension 

  • Reading extensions (understanding and sequence)

  • Writing to communicate great ideas

  • Math with operations, measuring, time, calendar, geometry, basic fact, and strategy-solving methods.

  • Science and History using experiments and engaging activities

  • Spanish conversations

  • Bible

  • Art

  • Creative free time at home  


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