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In Person or Online - Your Choice

Personalized Education Since 2001

Choose a Flexible 2, 3, 4, or 5 Day School Schedule!


Christian Cottage Prep provides a unique opportunity for parents to afford a private Christian education for their children while offering a flexible schedule that caters to their specific needs. Parents can select the days and classes that best suit their family's needs and interests. The cost-effective approach allows families to pay a fraction of the cost compared to traditional private schools. Additionally, the schedule is customizable, even for summer school. 


Our school believes in providing a balanced homework schedule for the students, which means parents can become primary influencers in their children's lives by having regular family-driven evening activities. Our scheduling options are available for full-time and part-time students, which can accommodate the schedules of working parents and those who home-educate their children in certain subjects. Additionally, we offer a choice of either online or in-person classes within a comfortable classroom setting. The choice remains yours!


Christian Cottage Prep tailors the instruction level to each student's abilities. This personalized education journey means a student may simultaneously be at multiple academic levels. Homework plans are adjusted to fit the specific needs of each family. We value the partnership between parents and educators and offer open communication channels to facilitate quick and easy communication between all parties. Christian Cottage Prep is committed to preparing your child for their subsequent education adventures and making this time spent with them precious, as they will be grown and gone before you know it.

    The  Difference with
Christian Cottage Prep

Our unique approach to education sets it apart from other Christian or secular schools. Our teachers provide in-person examples and group learning while offering online classes with real-time feedback and support. Teachers conduct in-person and online classes simultaneously, using a system that blends the two formats seamlessly and allows every student to demonstrate their knowledge. This routine creates an optimal learning environment and a perfect balance of education for our students, enabling them to participate in reading and answering questions while informing the teacher of their comprehension of the subject matter. In case of any questions, students can directly reach out to their teacher after class. The classes are small groups with an average ratio of 9:1 for personalized attention.

We use a combination of in-classroom and online Internet platforms, specifically Zoom, to create a seamless learning experience for our students. We have been using Zoom since 2014 after a student who lived far away (out of state or country) requested to participate entirely online. Over the years, many students have taken advantage of this platform, selecting either a single class or a full-grade curriculum. This approach allows parents to choose a Christian education that is financially feasible for them. Additionally, Zoom is used during inclement weather to keep the school days between Labor Day and Memorial Day. Students can still participate in their classes and stay caught up. 


What will you experience with Christian Cottage Prep?

At Christian Cottage Prep, we offer a perfect balance of home education and partnership in preparing your children. Our teachers engage students through online classes and in-person instruction. Our lessons come with learning frameworks that make all subjects easy to digest. Here are some things you can expect from us:

  • - Personalized student improvement plans

  • - More time to explore subjects

  • - More family time

  • - Balanced homework that challenges your child but also takes a customized approach

  • - Parents are true partners

  • - Increased motivation and absorption in academics alongside peers

  • - IEW-certified teachers for writing excellence

  • - Strong math focus

  • - Stress-free testing

  • - Technology in class

  • - Improved time management

  • - Everyday flexibility for solid support


With our help, you can be sure that your child will receive a high-quality education tailored to their needs, interests, and abilities.

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