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In Person or Online

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Personalized Education Since 2001

Why Choose an Online University Model Christian School?

Choose a Flexible 2, 3, 4, or 5 Day Christian School Schedule?

African American boy with huge smile and headset on looking into the webcam.

Flexible schedule schools that partner with parents are a cost-effective way for families to afford a private Christian education for a fraction of the cost.  Parents are able to select the days/classes that they desire  for their children.  Classes meet either Monday/Wednesday, Tuesday/Thursday, Friday options, or a five day week schedule.  Before and after school care is available. It is great that you have so many options!


Parents are always the primary influence in their children’s lives by engaging in family driven activities in the evenings. Parent led field trips and vacation learning become a great value.  There is flexible scheduling for full or part time students to fit schedules for working parents as well as those that home educate some subjects within their home. In addition, there is a choice of online or in person within the comfortable classroom setting.  The choice is yours!


Instruction levels are based on ability. Students may be at more than one academic level at the same time.  Homework plans are adjusted to the needs of the family.  Open communication can easily transpire between parents and teachers  After all, the school is a partner of the parents.    Now is the time to spend more family time with your child. They will be grown in a few short years and Christian Cottage Prep can be your partner to prepare them for their next adventure in life!   

The Online or in Person Difference with Christian Cottage Prep

Christian Cottage Prep is significantly different from other Christian educational or secular school programs online.    Our teachers meet with students through IN CLASS ROOM at the same time as the live, virtual, real-time meetings to provide teaching examples, group learning, with instant and direct feedback and support.  Classes are taught ONLINE and IN the CLASSROOM simultaneously. Teachers lead students through engaging lessons with a round-robin system mixing in class and online together creating the perfect balance of education.  This technique allows for all students to take turns reading and answering questions while permitting the teacher to know if the students understand the concepts being introduced. Students have the ability to reach out directly to their teacher or with a live homework coach/liaison after class with any questions. Classes all meet in small group instruction with an average of an 8:1 ratio.

Christian Cottage Prep has a chief emphasis to deliver a personalized, high-quality Christian education using both the IN CLASSROOM, and ONLINE Internet via ZOOM, as our combined schoolroom.  We have used  ZOOM since 2014 when a student lived too far of a distance (out of state or country) prior to being fully online), and previous to that, SKYPE was used.  Many students over the past several years have taken advantage of being able to select a single class that they needed while others selected a full grade curriculum.  It is great for parents to have a choice for Christian education that also makes sense financially.


Private tutorials are also available via online and in person.

Christian Cottage Prep teacher with funny glasses and magnifying glass enthousiastically laughing into the camera.

What will you experience with Christian Cottage Prep?

Being online or in person with Christian Cottage Prep is a perfect balance to your home education along our partnership in preparing your children. Teachers are online teaching to distant and in classroom students for the full class time while engaging students.  Regardless if your child is from the public The lessons are easy to digest with learning frameworks in all subjects.  What will you notice that is different?


  • personalized student improvement plans 

  • more time to explore nature 

  • more family time

  • balanced homework, challenging, but with a personalized approach

  • parents are true partners

  • increased motivation and absorbing academics 

  • deep and layered writing abilities increased along with grammar gains

  • sharper and quicker math frameworks

  • calmness during free time

  • lessened pressure with tests (anxiety reducer)

  • children become aware of their own goals

  • sharpened digital competencies

  • improved time management with aid from teachers

  • more quality home time

  • less stress for parents 

The Stars of STEM

Female finalist of science fair standing in front of her presentation with board and data sheets.

Christian Cottage Prep has achieved state qualifying students for the Texas State Science and Engineering Fair. In addition, Christian Cottage Prep has been awarded ASQ (American Society for Quality). For several years, more than one student has been selected for this prestigious award.

On more than one occasion, high school students have been awarded between $10,000 and $15,000 dollars in scholarships (high school students).  Lastly, awards have been given from the Navy, Army, Air Force, Yale, Lockheed Martin Engineering, and several other large companies. 

Stars of STEM is a once a week class that leads your child, grade 5-12, and family through the science process.  Students will be working through the year to complete their research paper.  Grades 5/6th through 12th will be judged to go forward to a regional level.  Those that place in the top 3 within their category are eligible to advance to the state level.  Grades 9th-12th that score in the top 3 within their category are eligible to advance to the international level.


Job 26: 
        "He stretches out the north over empty space

and hangs the earth on nothing."

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