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Christian Cottage Prep- Experience the Atmosphere

Life is a beautiful thing. God created life, and gives us life more abundantly. That being said, it can also be a very tricky, and difficult thing to navigate. Getting your life established or in order, or laying the way for your success is not a one man job. Since the first breathe until the last, we need other people to help us along the way. This is what God intended, for us to help each other. Doing life, is hard enough with a support network, I couldn’t imagine going it alone.

At Christian Cottage Prep, our kids are never alone. We pride ourselves on creating an environment of “Family”, while encouraging further development in academics, as well as faith. Our kids surround each other with friendship and joy. Though our students are aware of the fact that, we are indeed a school, most would describe it as their second home, and a safe place to express their creativity while learning.

Let’s take a look into the student atmosphere, shall we?

Wow! Just look at those faces! I remember my face lighting up like that when I was a proud student of the Christian Cottage Prep tribe back in 2006. Yes! That’s right! I have sat in every seat, and experienced the atmosphere from all angles, as a student, parent, and now, a teacher. After my years as a Christian Cottage student, my father’s job required us to move out of state, and I became a public-school student. At this point in my story, my face did not look that way when I was walking into school. I was normally depressed as soon as I entered the building. Not because any of the schools were “Bad Schools”, but because

there were a great many things missing, most importantly, the feeling of family. Knowing that you belong, people know your name and your face when you walk through the doors or down the hall makes a big difference. A sense of belonging can go a long way with a child. In addition to this, creative approaches by teachers to support diverse learning styles and needs makes all the difference.

The best part of serving at a school where children are met where they’re at, and given every possible resource and encouragement to succeed, is watching the beautiful transformation that takes place within them. What was once, a struggling child, walking the educational journey alone and scared, becomes that confident and triumphant individual paving the way for others to follow in their footsteps. Frowns turn to smiles, the timid become courageous, what was once intimidating and impossible, has now become their favorite thing to conquer, and what was once peers, has become friends.

So, when asked if we take pride in our school and the environment within, the answer always has been, and always will be…

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